Creative Agency

Our Creative Agency clients are those where there principal activity is design. That can be:

  • Graphic design
  • Digital/Web design
  • UX/UI design
  • Content design

These clients need to create and just want all the tech stuff to be easy to use and to work reliably. Often they will have creative input into large corporate clients as well as smaller businesses.

Whilst they do have a good grasp of technology they do not profess to be digital technology experts. Web projects are often delivered using free-lance expertise creating a challenge when it comes to delivering consistent support or development, particularly to their larger clients..

Profile Needs

The needs of our Creative Agency clients are: 

  • Flexibility for the techncial solution to do justice to their design work
  • An easy to use system for them and for their customers
  • Technical expertise on tap for both the proposal and the implementation phase
  • Standardised processes between projects so that they can be a self-sufficient as possible
  • Clear and concise cost structures to give them flexibility in setting their project budgets
Profile USPs

The i-ntarsia platform as an ideal solution for our Creative Agency clients for the following reasons: 

  • Access to experts to discuss technical issues
  • Multi-site administration portal makes managing multiple client sites easy
  • Development resources on tap optimises flexibility
  • Defined configuration and management processes avoids re-inventing the wheel for each client
  • Technical bid support enables a competitive approach to larger clients
  • Fixed platform costs make service planning easy
Profile Example

KCD Media

KCD Media are a small creative agency with a reputation for graphic and content design, both print and digital. As a sought after studio team, they have expanded their digital services using free-lance developers and disparate systems.

I-ntarsia provides KCD with a world class CMS solution and the technical expertise to deliver it to any of their customers. It has been key in improving workflow and support on digital projects because the standard processes enable as much as possible to be undertaken by their studio team.