The classification Agency is a difficult one to get to grips with as it is not always obvious what the characteristics are. We see the following characteristics amongst these clients:

  • Consultancy led approach building trust relationships
  • Focussed on marketing and brand success
  • Offer content development and maintenance services
  • Strong understanding of digital marketing (search, social, content)
  • Offer provisioning services using trusted third parties
  • Some internal expertise in UX and front-end


Profile Needs

The needs of our Agency clients are: 

  • An easy to use system for them and for their customers
  • Technical expertise on tap for both the proposal and the implementation phase
  • Standardised processes between projects so that they can be a self-sufficient as possible
  • Clear and concise cost structures to give them flexibility in setting their project budgets
Profile USPs

The i-ntarsia platform as an ideal solution for our Agency clients for the following reasons: 

  • Access to experts to discuss technical issues
  • Multi-site administration portal makes managing multiple client sites easy
  • Development resources on tap optimises flexibility
  • Defined configuration and management processes avoids re-inventing the wheel for each client
  • Technical bid support enables a competitive approach to larger clients
  • Fixed platform costs make service planning easy
Profile Example


Bluebell are a digital marketing agency offering a range of services to their customers:

  • Website provision and support
  • E-mail marketing
  • Search marketing
  • Social network marketing
  • Content management

Whilst Bluebell have experts in digital marketing and a strong understanding of technology they use free-lance expertise where appropriate. Use of the i-ntarsia platform has enabled them to build long term relationships with a world class technical team to deliver complex websites and ecommerce solutions.