Exciting Drupal 8 Features

Delivering great customer satisfaction is dependent upon the quality of all aspects of your service offering. The I-ntarsia platform, as a whole, has a range of business class features that you will have already seen. However, you also need to deliver a 'wow factor' to your customers in their experience of managing their site. This is where the Drupal 8 product comes into it's own. As a major CMS fresh out of a complete re-build it is unique in delivering 'wow factor' features.

Inline editing

The inline editing feature of Drupal 8 allows Content Editors to make amendments to content right on the site, without going to the admin area. To recognise how useful this is and how much time it will save your clients you really have to see it!

This incredible feature has been delivered without any loss in data integrity or structure. It can even be used within a workflow process.


This is bit of technical feature, but it certainly can deliver a 'wow'. Pages with a lot of dynamic content can seem to load a lot slower than those that don't. The engineers at Facebook confronted the issue and recognised that most of what was needed to be done to render the data for pages faster had already been done. However, they also discovered that by using clever dynamic caching they could render a page to the user so that it could be interacted with very quickly. The dynamic content could then be delivered behind the rendered page. In a nutshell that is BigPipe, and it is now a core part of Drupal 8!

What this great technology can do is dramatically improve the perceived load time of pages. The actual load time remains the same, but because the pages render so much more quickly the site users feels the site is an order of magnitude more responsive. In this technical review, the perceived load time dropped from 964ms to just 44ms! Wouldn't it be great to be using some Facebook class technology on your client sites?

Multilingual Capability

Drupal 8 is multi-lingual from the ground up. If the feature is activated, you can provide translations of your content into as many languages as you need to. Furthermore, if you have have content teams with different language requirements, the entire administration system can be displayed in a host of languages, and you can even add a language by providing appropriate translations!

Mobile first

Drupal 8 is the standard bearer of mobile first design thinking. The methodology is not simply an add on to enable the CMS to handle responsive designs, the whole system has been design using the mobile first mind set. Yes, that includes the administration interface.

If your clients are concerned about mobile (and they should be) the Drupal 8 offers a world class solution.


Talking about HTML standards can be a bit dry especially when HTML 5 seems to have taken so long to reach maturity. However, the point is that HTML 5 was conceived to support all of the new ways of working with web content that have evolved of the past 10 years. Drupal 8 is the only CMS to have a ground up rebuild in that time, and so is the best option for native support for all of the great new features in HTML 5. 

Content Versioning

Today's web clients are a savvy bunch and they are totally at home with content marketing and concepts such as A/B testing. To support this Drupal 8 has a simple but powerful revision system built into every content element. Whether your clients are advanced content marketeers, or they simply want to do seasonal changes to their content, this feature is a winner.


OK Ease of Use: With Drupal 8 at the core of your i-ntarsia project you and your customers will benefit from a host of ease-of-use features.

OK Improved Perceived Performance: SIte users get a better user experience.

OK Flexibility: Offer services where languages are not a barrier.