Drupal Hosting for Agencies

Hosting any digital service is a highly technical undertaking. Hosting a digital service on a powerful framework like Drupal is even more so. It often feels like an ambitious agency only has two choices:

  1. Basic bulk host, e.g. Digital Ocean, AWS, Fasthosts
  2. Advanced enterprise host e.g. Acquia, Pantheon

Either option requires your agency to staff up. On a basic host, you will need staff to be able to ensure security, manage backup and updates etc. If you use an advanced host, you will need staff with the skill sets and experience to use the features provided by the host, as well as the budgets to support 'enterprise' level costs.

We've designed I-ntarsia to give agencies a different option.

Hosting your Drupal services on the I-ntarsia platform is designed to make agency life as easy as possible. I-ntarsia is different because we give our clients three levels of features:

  • Essentials
  • Differentials
  • Exponentials


The i-ntarsia platform includes the following essential elements:

  • Cloud flexibility for scaling services on demand
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 24hr Security update process
  • Latest operating system versions with a smooth upgrade path
  • Uptime SLA
  • Routine backup


These are the features that you get with the I-ntarsia platform that will set your agency apart from your competition:

  • Common installation profile with carefully selected and tested modules available for activation
  • Platform feature releases 4 times per year. Your customers get Drupal Core updates, new modules and new configuration options
  • Theme management and development using our integrated GitLab environment and 'I-ntarsia Theme-Pull' module
  • Performance optimisation using standard tools
  • I-ntarsia 'Core-Theme' process to take bloated commercial themes and refactor them for high performance and to work with advanced core features
  • Drupal 9 release and upgrade plan


These are the features that will help you grow and blow away even the most demanding clients:

  • On-tap module development resources, great for tweaks, custom data loads and custom exports
  • Advanced infrastructure development e.g. load balancing
  • Advanced application architecture experience on tap e.g. PWAs, node.js
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Snapshot management



OK Avoid Overhead Costs: Offer advanced Drupal services without adding support staff overhead

OK Keep Customers Happy: Deliver 4 release updates a year to ALL of your clients

OK Deliver Advanced Solutions: Propose and deliver advanced solutions to new clients

I-ntarsia At A Glance:

  •     Basic Host Managed Host Application Provider Application Platform I-ntarsia MDSP  
    • Server/VM/Cloud Hosting Physical Security              
    •   Connectivity          
    •   Capacity Planning          
    • Operating System Installation              
    •   Security          
    •   Backup          
    •   Performance Monitoring          
    •   Update Planning          
    • Core Software Provision Web Server              
    •   Database(s)          
    •   Application Server(s)          
    •   Content Management System          
    •   Systems Integration          
    • Core Software Maintenance Web Server              
    •   Database(s)          
    •   Application Server(s)          
    •   Content Management System          
    •   Systems Integration          
    • Replication Across Multiple Sites          
    • Compliance Maintenance Security, Data Processing          
    • Service Creation/Maintenance Module Set              
    •   UX Design          
    •   Content          
    •   Configuration