Integrated Wix Sign On

Following our integration with Squarespace it seemed logical to add an integration with the other major player in the hosted website management arena, WIx. This provides a great solution in the following circumstances:

  • A client has very simple requirements and limited growth plans
  • A smaller client has limited budget and time
  • A larger client needs a campaign landing page fast and no budget for template customisation or bespoke design



Wix is a simple to use, hosted CMS. Whilst there can be some limitations with Wix, it is designed specifically for the cases highlighted above, and you will find it difficult to find a better solution available today.

A Wix account can be added to your customer's 'My Services' list in the Multi-service Access Portal. When they access the service details page, the login button will log them into their Wix account automatically.

The journey through your branded portal with access to the support service is reassuring for the customer even if they are unfamiliar with Wix. The customer does not even need to know their own Wix credentials as this is handled by the portal.

Any Wix account can be hooked up to the portal whether it has been created by us, you or the client directly. 

Adding your customer support to Wix technology is a winning combination for entry level web requirements, but we have also added a key backup technology to make things even better.

Wix Backup

Wix approach serving sites in a manner that makes backup to a standard HTML output more of a challenge. We will shortly be releasing an automated backup system for our Wix customers.


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