Managed Magento Platform


Magento 2.x is, arguably, the most powerful and certainly the most popular open source e-commerce system available. It offers tremendous e-commerce features to the user with point and click ease of use. Customising and integrating those features to give users a unique experience, however, comes with a degree of complexity that proves a barrier for many organisations.

I-ntarsia is specifically designed to overcome the barriers that prevent organisations using Magento 2.x. We do this using a unique combination of systems and software we have created based upon our extensive experience. Most important, however, is the availability of our support and development staff to help our clients with their projects. When we say ‘Managed Magento Platform’ we mean managed by people.

Our people based management approach starts from the moment you start considering a project.

Firstly, our team will analyse your proposal to identify:

  • The  business process flow required

  • Any integration or migrations required

  • Any additional extensions required

  • Payment gateway setup and integration

  • Any UX requirements

  • Any Scalability requirements

  • Any Security requirements

  • Server configuration required

  • Backup and maintenance processes required

This will enable you to cost your project with confidence.

Once the project gets the go-ahead we will deploy the development server(s) you need and create our project plan based upon your timescales. You will have almost instant access to a fully supported Magento 2.x platform to start your own development. Access to all of your I-ntarsia servers and resources is via our unique management portal.

If required we will assist in implementing the solution as well as developing any integration or migration services required.

If required our UX team can help you with the front end in any of the following areas:

  • Working with themes, including customisation or development

  • PHP template customisation

  • Angular javascript framework implementation

  • Bootstrap framework integration

When you are ready we will deploy your production server and establish the processes you will need to launch and then run your new project.

During the lifetime of your project our team will handle:

  • Platform availability and monitoring

  • Security

  • Software updates

  • Backup

OK Competitive Advantage: The I-ntarsia Managed Magento Platform enable you to quickly deploy and develop a world class ecommerce solutions for your clients.

OK Peace of Mind: You can also have the confidence that what you deliver will be supported and maintained to the highest possible standards.