Multi-service Access Portal (MAP)

The Drupal 8 core to I-ntarsia is designed with an integrated administration area for each installation. In addition, you will have one or more I-ntarsia Profiling servers to do development, configuration and testing. Your MAP allows you to access all of these services from just one account.



The I-ntarsia MAP allows you to run a complex digital estate from a single MAP account.

  • All of your users (whatever their role) login via your MAP
  • Users can be assigned different roles on different services in your estate
  • Authorised users can create other users
  • Authorised users can view estate-wide performance statistics
  • Users seamlessly access individual site installations via our unique single-sign-on process
  • Your MAP carries your branding



okSimplicity: Your MAP makes managing a diverse user base across an expanding digital estate a simple task.

okEfficiency: You save time in undertaking mundane management processes