Getting Started with I-ntarsia

1. Open Your Account

The first thing that you will need to do is to request an I-ntarsia account using the contact form that is on every page of this site. We will process your request within two working days of receipt.

Once your account has been opened, you can request your first Profiling server to be deployed, when you are ready, and we will start billing you for that (currently £30 per month + VAT). The development platform includes:

  • Full I-ntarsia 8.16 or I-ntarsia Commerce 2.16 installation including our unique profile and module set
  • The I-ntarsia base theme installed (Bootstrap with Drupal 8 integration)
  • Up to 5 developer accounts on the Multi-Site Access Portal
  • Up to 5 developer accounts on the I-ntarsia gitlab server
  • Up to 5 support accounts on the i-ntarsia ticketing system
  • Access to the I-ntarsia technical team for project advice
  • Access to the I-ntarsia business team and resources for proposal and bid support
  • Daily backup of your platform and all project files

2. Deliver Your First Project

Once you have developed your first customer project using your development platform we will spin up your first production platform to the specification you set for the customer requirement  and transfer you site to it. If you need assistance with DNS, security certificates etc, then our team can guide you through.

At this point we will start billing you for your first production platform, BUT as a production account we will no longer bill you for your development platform. You are free to use your developer platform for your next project at no cost.