Compliance Maintenance

There is a requirement under GDPR and other legislation for organisations to protect data and operate securely and ethically. The I-ntarsia Managed Digital Service Platform makes this as easy as possible for our customers.

Compliance with much modern legislation can be onerous because care has been taken to ensure that everyone in the supply chain has a responsibility to comply. Checking and reviewing compliance for digital services can involve tens if not hundreds of suppliers.

With the i-ntarsia MDSP we take the following simple steps to ensure continued compliance management:

  • Minimised supply chain

  • Engagement with authorities

  • Close working relationship with suppliers

  • Audit and review process

  • Standard software stacks for platforms

  • CI/CD working practices

All of this work manifests itself in our comprehensive Platform Hosting Agreements and Support Agreements. Explicit responsibility is taken for maintaining a fully compliant service right down the the engineers who have access to the data centres.


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