Best in Class E-commerce

There are a huge number of factors that determine the right e-commerce solution for a client:

  • The number of products to be sold
  • The requirement for complex supporting content
  • The availability of payment processes
  • The availability of internal systems and processes (e.g. ERP systems)
  • The complexity of the customer base (e.g. account customers)
  • The requirement for cart based promotions

The combination of these factors will determine the best approach for implementing an e-commerce system for a client. In many cases, however, the developer is only familiar with one product set or approach and presents a one size fits all solution which leaves the client with a set of compromises.

How This Affects You

You can only win e-commerce business if you can demonstrate two key things that e-commerce customers are looking for:

  1. The right technology for the customer
  2. Confidence in delivery of the system AND in smooth operation thereafter

When working through e-commerce requirements with a client you need to be confident that whatever is thrown up, you will have a solution to match. That includes:

  • Cost
  • Timescale
  • Complexity
  • Flexibility
  • Scale

The I-ntarsia Digital Service Platform is a great weapon to have in your arsenal when prospecting for e-commerce business.

Solution Details

The I-ntarsia Digital Service Platform gives site developers multiple e-commerce options:

  • I-ntarsia Basic Commerce in Drupal 8 for adding simple e-commerce functions to content rich sites
  • Decoupled Basic Commerce for high demand content-rich sites
  • I-ntarsia Enterprise Commerce  using Drupal Commerce 2.x for enterprise level merchants with exacting commerce and content requirements
  • Decoupled Enterprise Commerce for high demand exacting commerce sites

To help our partners, we provide a simple-to-use decision matrix to enable the selection of the correct solution. In addition, our experienced engineers are available to discuss the more detailed aspects of an e-commerce implementation.

Our reputation for delivering successful e-commerce systems with our partners is considerable and ranges from simple 'clicks and mortar' solutions for niche merchants such as MNT Training, to full-blown multi-brand enterprise solutions integrated with complex ERP systems such as the Redring Xpelair Group.


OK Solution Choice: Select the right solution for the customer

OK Solution Confidence: Have confidence in delivering an e-commerce solution