Code vs No Code

All cool website functions are written in code of some sort or other. Writing the code takes skills and expertise. Many website management systems out there promise that you can build fantastically functional websites and services ‘without writing code’. What these system do is essentially let you ‘configure’ the system they have already written. Whilst it means that you don’t have to code, it does limit, often severely, the flexibility of what you can do for the customer.

Drupal 8 is a complete ground up rewrite of the Drupal system. One of the key objectives was to give the non-coding user the most flexibility of any CMS in configuring the system to create novel website functions. They have succeeded in creating a flexible system that will take you as far as you can go without understanding or writing code.

The problem with this is that there is always a point at which your understanding runs out . You then need help with advanced non-code functions, in modifying functions or in writing new functions for your customer.

How This Affects You

How you are affected by this depends upon the skills you have available to you. At the point at which you need help, you will have to buy in an expert to help. At that point you will need to:

  1. Explain your Drupal set up

  2. Provide a test environment to test the changes they make

  3. Add secure access to the environments for your developer

  4. Specify the problem and put in place

If you have a strong technical team, then these things may not seem difficult, if not, they can be show stoppers! Either way they are time consuming and not core to your business.

The issues don’t stop there, however. What if the customer wants further changes down the line? Can you get the same developer or do you have to go through the whole process again?

Solution Details

Within the I-ntarsia Digital Service Platform you have the I-Next development team available on tap. Items 1-3 above are all taken care of, so all that you need to do is specify what you need. Our team will quote how much of our development resource you will need and, once you are happy, we’ll schedule the work in. We use advanced project management systems  to manage our development process for customers. We will also apply the most appropriate methodology for your project (agile, waterfall, scrum, kanban).

If at a later stage you need further modifications to the same element, it is not a problem. You will work with the same team on the modifications.


OK Flexibility: No costly fixed term developer rates whilst maintaining development freedom.

OK Improved Return On Investment: By using or world class development team on incremental developments you will improve your ROI.