10 Reasons To Upgrade to I-ntarsia 8.16.x

As an existing i-ntarsia customer you should now be aware of the major new version of i-ntarsia that we have released, 8.16.x. In our announcements we have explained that there are a lot of  great new features, but we may not have been explicit on reasons why you might want to consider upgrading your current site to this new version, so here are 10 of the major ones.

1. State of the Art Content Management System (CMS)

I-ntarsia 8.16.x is powered by Drupal 8 which is the most powerful and most up to date CMS available. So what? It is quicker and easier for you to maintain your site.

  • The system is content driven not page driven, as it is in 2.5, removing the tree hierarchy and giving you total flexibility in how the content is accessed.

  • Drupal 8 also has lots of view automation built in to enable content to be organised and displayed in a multitude of different ways without specific modules.
  • Form creation and editing built in
  • Version control on edits

2. In-Page Editing

This feature speaks for itself, so please watch the video.


3. Easy Images

If you want to add an image to your content, do it right there in the editor as show in the video. There's no need to pre-load into the image library any more.

Example image


4. Mobile First Design Update

As part of the upgrade we'll update your site with a fully responsive design which means it will work beautifully with different devices such as phones and tablets. This MUST be in your planning because Google favours responsive sites in its algorithm. Don't take our word for that, take Google's word

5. HTTPS Upgrade

As a part of the upgrade we'll install a full security certificate on your site to make it available under https only. This is good for your customers to trust your site, and once again it is becoming essential for your Google rankings.

6. More Open System

By using a standard, open source product such as Drupal 8 as the core of I-ntarsia we have made it much easier for you to get skilled staff to help with your site should you need it. There are thousands of resources on the web and, of course, you have access to our own skilled engineers as always.

7. Upgrade to the Latest Infrastructure

I-ntarsia 8.16.x is based upon the very latest infrastructure available in the world. That means that it supported for the longest time, and that it will be able to respond to any new threats that may come along.

8. Catch All The New Features

I-ntarsia 8.16.x is where all of the new features are being planned. In the fast moving world of the web, it gives you the greatest flexibility to take advantage of new technology. 

9. Upgrade with Ease

If you want a full redesign of your site with new content etc, then we will work with you on that. If, however, you just want a technology upgrade to take advantage of the features above with the basic content and structure remaining, we'll be able to do that with very little impact on you! We have tools to extract the content from your existing i-ntarsia site and migrate it into the new version.

10. We Have an Offer on Right Now!

It is in our interests as well as yours to see customers upgrade to the latest technology. We are recognising that with a range of offers to move sites to the most appropriate I-ntarsia solution. Get in touch now to find out how little it will cost to upgrade!

So there you have it, 10 great reasons for you to bring your site bang up to date ready for 2017. You can just mail us as normal, or complete the form below, and we'll get in touch right away.