The Platform for Digital Baristas

Digital services (websites, apps etc) are like coffee! They are an essential part of modern living and ubiquitous in today's society. There is a constant demand for new services and consumers are now very sophisticated in selecting the right people to make those services for them.

Decouple Drupal 8 - Unlock The Magic

I have read a few articles about the merits of decoupling a CMS framework from the web application, and most of these describe the theory rather than the practice. I decided to write this article in part to correct that and in part to describe our experience doing this with Drupal 8.

A culture for successful B2B relationships

5 years after I-Next was founded we came to the decision that our core strength was digital technology. We changed direction to focus our strength to help other, more creative and consumer focussed, businesses to build digital solutions (websites in those days). We’re still working with a number of the agencies we started with over 20 years later.