I-ntarsia for End Users

The success of your digital project depends upon the skills and expertise of the team you can bring together to deliver and operate it over its lifecycle.

Most full-service agencies are strong on user experience (UX) and front end.

Their expertise is rarely more than veneer thin in other equally important areas such as performance, security, upgrade and maintenance.

How This Affects You

Without detailed technical expertise during the build and operation of your digital project, you may be building a house of cards. It may look impressive but it could all come tumbling down in the slightest breeze.

Primary causes of such things are:

  • Poor choice of technology
  • Poor configuration of systems
  • Poor/non-existent maintenance and upgrade processes

If your service crumbles your digital credibility will evaporate! Your agency, on the other hand, will have happily moved on to the next "valued" client. 

Solution Details

We refer to our partner agencies as Digital Baristas because of the care and expertise that they bring to building digital services on our platform. They've recognised that they can't be a Jack-of-all-trades and the I-ntarsia platform gives them peace of mind that all of the detailed, sometimes mundane, technical work is being taken care of. They know that they can call upon our expertise whenever they need it to ensure that your digital project is built and operated to the highest technical standards.

Why baristas? Because Digital Baristas don't try to pass off instant or pod-based builds as proper development for your digital projects. 

Sound refreshing? Then get in touch using the form below and we will put you in touch with a Digital Barista today!

I-ntarsia At A Glance:

  •     Basic Host Managed Host Application Provider Application Platform I-ntarsia MDSP  
    • Server/VM/Cloud Hosting Physical Security              
    •   Connectivity          
    •   Capacity Planning          
    • Operating System Installation              
    •   Security          
    •   Backup          
    •   Performance Monitoring          
    •   Update Planning          
    • Core Software Provision Web Server              
    •   Database(s)          
    •   Application Server(s)          
    •   Content Management System          
    •   Systems Integration          
    • Core Software Maintenance Web Server              
    •   Database(s)          
    •   Application Server(s)          
    •   Content Management System          
    •   Systems Integration          
    • Replication Across Multiple Sites          
    • Compliance Maintenance Security, Data Processing          
    • Service Creation/Maintenance Module Set              
    •   UX Design          
    •   Content          
    •   Configuration