Why Use a Digital Service Platform?

As a web project owner there will be certain issues that you have to deal with in addition to addressing the business needs of your client. The I-ntarsia Digital Service Platform is designed to address many of these issue in one easy step.
  • I-ntarsia for End Users

    The success of your digital project depends upon the skills and expertise of the team you can bring together to deliver and operate it over its lifecycle.

    Most full-service agencies are strong on user experience (UX) and front end.

    Their expertise is rarely more than veneer thin in other equally important areas such as performance, security, upgrade and maintenance.

  • Open Source vs Proprietary

    Running a website for a professional organisation needs stability and security as well as leading edge features. Many feel that the stability and security required can only be provided by a proprietary system even though they cannot compete with the innovation in leading edge features in the open source world. The i-ntarsia system tackles this by applying proprietary software release mechanisms to a powerful open source system, giving our clients the best of both worlds.
  • Code vs No Code

    Drupal 8 is now the most powerful Content Management System for people who don’t code. But what happens when you do need something customising? Drupal 8 is very well written, but is a complex beast to adapt, or code for properly. That is why the I-ntarsia Managed Drupal Platform comes with world class support and development experts on tap.