Adding Drupal 8 to Your Portfolio

One proven method of business growth is to extend your service offering. Traditionally this comes with a significant amount of risk:

  • Investing in new resources
  • Training
  • Getting it wrong on a client project

What if you could extend the service offering you have to add a 'premium' service without any risk to your current business? That's exactly what we can offer using the I-ntarsia Platform.

Why Drupal 8?

The chances are (as you are here) your business already develops digital services based on another CMS, perhaps even more than one. So why add Drupal 8? In short, the answer is because Drupal 8 is perfect for agencies:

  • Drupal is well known. Indeed it is second in usage in the top 1 million sites and so potential customers have confidence they are not in a niche.
  • Drupal is a premium CMS. Known for being stable and secure many potential customers aspire to 'Drupal class' sites but can't afford the specialist Drupal development shops.
  • Drupal is recognised as the most powerful and flexible open-source CMS with core features way beyond other CMSs. Indeed, most analysts now class Drupal as a Content Management Framework (CMF) to help differentiate it from CMSs targetted purely at websites. Whatever you need to build it can be built in Drupal.
  • Only the largest organisations self-build with Drupal and so you are not going to find Johnny and Jane from accounts competing with you.
  • You have total control over what admin functions you enable for your clients and all other options are hidden, allowing you to create a simple admin experience (AX) which doesn't overwhelm your clients.
  • Editing content is now simple in Drupal 8. You can even install the Gutenberg editor and use it for specific content types. You can select the right type of content editing for individual administrators.

Why I-ntarsia?

In simple terms, to eliminate your risk. I-ntarsia is more than Drupal 8 hosting, installation and management, it is a working programme to support you in producing great online services for your customers. Whatever level of resources or skills you have in your business, we can design a support programme to get you productive on Drupal in the shortest possible time.

How Difficult Is This?

You will almost certainly find this much easier than you expect because you already have what you need if you can:

  • Use a CMS
  • Design an online service
  • Accept training and advice

Then you can do great things with I-ntarsia and Drupal 8.

What's The Catch?

Good question! We'd like to think there isn't one. We don't charge for a workshop covering steps 1-3, other than for any significant travel. Step 4 is free. When you get to step 5 we do have to ensure legal agreements are in place (GDPR etc), and you will be expected to pay for anything we quote as our part of the project programme.

That's it! There's no requirement to use your I-ntarsia capability, and you can cancel and walk away whenever you wish. So what have you got to lose in filling out the enquiry form below?