From time to time we publish articles to highlight how our technology is being used or to introduce some of the philosophies that we subscribe to.
  • I-ntarsia April 2019 Release

    We are pleased to announce that the April release of the I-ntarsia platform is now ready and will be deployed to all I-ntarsia nodes in the next few days.
  • Digital Barista Workshop

    Our free Digital Barista Workshop is an intense day of training and hands-on, 'real project' work to introduce you to the power of the I-ntarsia Platform. 
  • The Platform for Digital Baristas

    Digital services (websites, apps etc) are like coffee! They are an essential part of modern living and ubiquitous in today's society. There is a constant demand for new services and consumers are now very sophisticated in selecting the right people to make those services for them.

  • Decouple Drupal 8 - Unlock The Magic

    I have read a few articles about the merits of decoupling a CMS framework from the web application, and most of these describe the theory rather than the practice. I decided to write this article in part to correct that and in part to describe our experience doing this with Drupal 8.

  • A culture for successful B2B relationships

    5 years after I-Next was founded we came to the decision that our core strength was digital technology. We changed direction to focus our strength to help other, more creative and consumer focussed, businesses to build digital solutions (websites in those days). We’re still working with a number of the agencies we started with over 20 years later.

  • The 5P Challenges of Delivering Web Projects for SME Developers

    According to LinkedIn over 85% of the 28,000 agencies offering web development services in the UK have ten or fewer people. Web development is a fast moving and skill intensive area, so what challenges does this create for these SME developers? Having worked in the industry since 1995 I have summarised the challenges I see into 5Ps:

  • Website Security and Expertise are Linked - Who Knew?

    This week two things hit my inbox that grabbed my attention immediately. The first was the very informative ‘Hacked Website Report 2017’ from Sucuri and the second was a humorous post on LinkedIn about the learning curve associated with Drupal, which included the phrase ‘poor old Drupal’. In isolation these were easy to deal with, but what leapt out at me was the clear link between the two, and that is what prompted this short article.

  • Drupal 8 Entrepreneurships

    As finals fade into memory, digital media graduates will be looking for their ‘next step’. Today’s gig economy means that working freelance or setting up a small agency is a serious option. We’d like to help - consider this:

  • Resourcing A Digital Project Team - The Launch-Orbit Model

    Digital projects have some unique characteristics that make building teams to deliver them a challenge:

    • Rapidly changing technology
    • Diverse, evolving user trends
    • Evolving threat landscape
    • Fast moving external actors
    • Continuous delivery

    Having spent over 20 years delivering digital projects, I use a simplified model of the project process and an approach which categorises the skills required within that model to help me resource digital projects and communicate resourcing requirements with stakeholders.

  • Would you like that ‘as-a-service’?

    It has been fashionable for the past few years to market many online systems by adding the as-a-service (aaS) suffix to whatever it is you do. When the I-ntarsia system was first developed in 2003 it was simply an online content management system: convenient and powerful. Soon. however, marketers on similar systems got working and we became an Application Service Provider (ASP) and that was just the start.

  • Why We Replaced 13 Years of Proprietary Code With Drupal 8

    A Little Bit of Background

    Having started building websites for clients in 1995, we quickly discovered the benefits of using standard platforms for site management. We didn’t find a solution to meet our needs then, in particular the commitment to CSS as a core of the edit process. In 2003 we launched our own content/website management system, I-ntarsia™.