I-Next Drupal 8 Entrepreneurship

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We are looking to help a small number of talented digital media graduates set off on a path to owning their own business through our Drupal 8 Entrepreneurship programme.

Q. What is an I-Next Entrepreneurship?

A. It’s an alternative to an unpaid internship. The argument goes that you need to do an internship to give you the experience of working in a professional environment to get you your first permanent job. When that internship is unpaid, the company offering it is trading you ‘experience’ for your contribution to their business. The company usually gets the best deal.

Our entrepreneurships try to balance the benefit a bit more by helping you start your own digital media business whilst you get to work with seasoned, experienced professionals.

Q. What do I get?

A. You get up to 36 months of our Entrepreneurship package which will help you start out:

  • Free access to our i-ntarsia™ Drupal 8 development platform

  • Free i-ntarsia™ Drupal 8 production platform for your own website

  • Access to/advice from our experienced web business team

  • Access to/advice from our world class technical team

  • Access to our world class infrastructure and support expertise

  • Access to standard documentation such as development contracts

  • Exclusive client production pricing structure

Q. Is there any share swapping?

A. No. Your business is your business and ours is ours

Q. When my business grows, do I have to keep working with I-Next?

A. No. We’d like to think our services are valuable to you, but if you decide to do things a different way, then that is up to you. No liability builds up either way between I-Next and your business.

Q. Will I-Next give me any business?

A. This is unlikely but not unheard of. The Entrepreneurship is designed to help you get credibility and avoid pitfalls in starting a digital business.

Q. What if my business fails?

A. You will be in control of the success or otherwise of your business. Our Entrepreneurship doesn’t create any debt in your business and so if it fails then it will end much like a normal internship with two parties going their separate ways. You decide how to handle your customers in the event things go wrong, but we can be there to ensure continuity if that is what you want to offer.

Q. I graduated before 2018, can I still apply?

A. Of course. We recognise that taking the step to go it alone is a big one and may have taken a few years.

Q. How do I apply?

A. We’re not a bank and so a detailed business plan isn’t what we want. Find a way to tell our MD your story, about your work, your skills and why you will be able to succeed as a Digital Entrepreneur. Do that before the end of September 2018 and that’s all.

Q. Have you forgotten to put contact details on the previous answer?

A. No, as a digital entrepreneur you’ll work it out. ;-)