Broadest E-commerce Range

E-commerce has been demonstrated to be the major growth engine for businesses in the past few years and this looks set to continue. As this converges with a mobile first Internet, existing e-merchants are looking to improve and new e-merchants are looking to get started - quickly. The tremendous diversity of business models out there means that digital developers need to be able to offer appropriate e-commerce technology based on client need, not on their particular expertise or bias.

The I-ntarsia Digital Service Platform offers the broadest range of e-commerce solutions in a consistent supported environment.

There are two base e-commerce solutions available within I-ntarsia:

  1. I-ntarsia Basic Commerce
  2. I-ntarsia Enterprise Commerce

Each of these can be offered in a traditional, partial or fully decoupled configuration. These fit together to meet customer requirements as shown below:


I-ntarsia Basic Commerce

Our Basic Commerce option is for smaller requirements that are not product lead:

  • Complex content requirements
  • Typically under 200 products
  • Can be integrated with internal processes
  • Basic discount code handling
  • Simple payment processing

This solution uses Drupal 8 technology, our own commerce module and i-ntarsia hosting which benefits from our stable Drupal 8 software stack.

Growth Path

We have a planned growth path for I-ntarsia Basic Commerce customers to the following:

  • I-ntarsia Decoupled Commerce
  • I-ntarsia Enterprise Commerce

I-ntarsia Enterprise Commerce

Our Enterprise Commerce option is for demanding product requirements which also have demanding content requirements:

  • 200-200K product sku's and more depending on infrastructure
  • Usually integrated with internal processes and systems such as ERP
  • Advanced discount code and promotion handling
  • Advanced payment processing
  • Advanced content management

This solution uses Drupal 8 with Drupal Commerce 2.x technology. This is coupled with I-ntarsia hosting which benefits from our stable Drupal software stack.

Growth Path

The standard I-ntarsia Enterprise Commerce platform can be customised to operate on a highly optimised infrastructure or decoupled if appropriate.

  • I-ntarsia Decoupled Commerce

OK Deliver the Right Solution: Offer your clients the ecommerce solution that is right for them

OK Planned Growth: Offer an ecommerce solution that has a planned upgrade path.