What is I-ntarsia?

I-ntarsia is a Managed Digital Service Platform (MDSP).

Yes, we made that up! We had to as we are addressing a need that we've seen countless times over years of working on online projects, but that no-one has addressed head-on before. To fully 'get it' let's break it down even further:

Digital Service: To us, this is any service delivered over digital channels. That's predominantly websites, but could also be content data streams or any other digital delivery.

Platform: To us, this means uniformity. Our customers start their projects with uniform, tried and tested, set of software, services, modules etc. That way they can hit the ground running on their project.

Managed: To us, this means that we take responsibility. Our customers know that we take responsibility not just for delivering a Digital Service Platform, but also for upgrading and maintaining it 24x7x365. 

Here's a quick comparison of the I-ntarsia MDSP with some other options for digital service delivery: