Sally the Head of Digital

Sally is Head of Digital for BigCo. Sally is stressed with multiple website requirements.

Sally the head of digital

  1. This is Sally. Sally is the Head of Digital for BigCo a large, multi-brand manufacturer.
  2. Sally is responsible for multiple BigCo brand websites. Sally is stressed.
  3. Here are the brand managers. Each brand manager insists they need a different market specialist creative agency.
  4. This is Nick. Nick works for Sally. Nick is exhausted managing the different websites in different systems and places.
  5. This is Max. Max is head of Customer Relations. Max wants Sally to integrate the new CRM with every website.
  6. This is Flora. Flora is head of IT security. Flora wants application security testing on all of the websites.
  7. Sally is exhausted explaining all this techie stuff to each agency and managing the resulting projects. Sally is thinking of leaving BigCo.
  8. This is the I-ntarsia team. They are not brand specialist creatives. They are serious web techies who have built a web platform around Drupal 8.
  9. The i-ntarsia team help Sally and Nick move each brand website to the I-ntarsia platform.
  10. Sally can now: use different creative agencies for each brand But still have: common processes, common solutions, common audits .
  11. The brand managers are happy + Nick is happy + Max is happy + Flora is happy = Happy Sally!
  12. The I-ntarsia Platform is a game-changer for Sally. The I-ntarsia team want to change your game too: