Digital Entrepreneur

Our Digital Entrepreneurs are all about designing digital services. That can be:

  • UX/UI design
  • Digital/Web design
  • Content design
  • Graphic design

Our Digital Entrepreneurs want to build their own business in the digital economy and want to benefit from working with an experienced team who can help build their capability fast.


Terry the Graphic Designer. More tales are here
Profile Needs

The needs of our Digital Entrepreneurs are:

  • Access to development platforms

  • Access to/advice from an experienced web business team

  • Access to/advice from ar world class technical team

  • Access to world class infrastructure and support expertise

  • Access to standard documentation such as development contracts

  • Attractive client production pricing structure

Profile USPs

The i-ntarsia platform as an ideal solution for Digital Entrpreneurs for the following reasons: 

  • Full entrepreneurship programme
  • Access to experts to discuss business and technical issues
  • Development resources on tap optimises flexibility
  • Defined configuration and management processes avoids re-inventing the wheel for each client
  • Technical bid support enables a competitive approach to clients
  • Fixed platform costs make service planning easy