Multi-Dimensional Cloud Hosting

As a web project owner, you need to know that your service will deliver your customers the best user experience that you can afford. What you don’t know is how the demands on your system will change in the future. You need the peace of mind, therefore, that your service can adapt to those changing demands quickly and flexibly. That is why I-ntarsia provides Multi-Dimensional Cloud Hosting.

You will probably know that cloud hosting gives you the flexibility to tailor the resources available to your servers (cpu, memory, disk) almost instantaneously. That is a must for you and your customers as you plan your web system, whatever the size. This is why all I-ntarsia servers are built on the UK's most advanced cloud platform.

The I-ntarsia infrastructure has been designed with three main types of server by default:

  1. An i-ntarsia node: This will host a Drupal instance and will service public web requests.

  2. An I-ntarsia Commerce node: This will hosta a Magento instance and will service public requests

  3. An i-ntarsia appliance: This hosts a resource intensive service useful to one or more I-ntarsia nodes.

As an I-ntarsia customer you may not be aware that some of the services your system uses are provided by a separate I-ntarsia appliance as this is bundled with all of our service offerings.

Multi-Dimensional Cloud Hosting takes that flexibility one stage further and is needed for high demand services. Our experienced technical team can analyse your system to look for cost effective ways of meeting the performance requirements. This could involve load balancing multiple front end nodes, or breaking the system down into resource intensive units and separating those onto individual, tuneable appliances. In whatever dimension your system scales the best, I-ntarsia can accommodate it.


okFlexibility: Work with a team and a technology that can accommodate sites and services from the very small, to the very large.

okResponsiveness: Scale your infrastructure almost instantly to meet unplanned resource spikes.

okLong Term Growth: Never feel that you have built a system in a confined space. Our people and technology will help you grow.